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Web Directory SQL Search Engine


This search engine is a full-featured web directory script designed for anyone wishing to build an on-line searchable database of web sites (your own yahoo directory). The script is designed so it can be completely administered through any web browser enabling the owner to add/delete/modify anything in the database.

Sample Search Results
Sample Search Results
  • Search by multiple keywords
  • Browse all listings in a category
  • Search by keyword within a category
  • Every search result has links back to upper categories
  • Each link has an Edit button so you or the owner of the site may come back to make changes (with a password)
  • Displays total number of matches and displays X number of results per page
  • Sites added in the last X number of days will have a "New" image appear beside the title.
  • Users can search just within the category listings by keyword or view all.

  • Sample Add to Site Form
    Sample Form for Adding New Sites
  • Users have to select a category to add their site to
  • New additions can go "live" immediately or be put on standby
  • Users supply a password when adding (to be used in the future for modifications)
  • The Notify field may be used to ask users if they wish to be on a mailing list or receive update info

  • Listing Editor
    Editor Screen
  • This screen appears after the user clicks "Edit" and supplies their password
  • Users may modify the title, description, URL, e-mail, password and notify status
  • Script is configured so modifications can either go back on standby or go live
  • Includes option to delete the listing entirely
  • Users can view their priority status (5 is General, 1 is highest) used so you can have some sites appear before others (only Admin can modify the value)
  • Forgotten passwords can be e-mailed to the user just by them typing in their e-mail address
  • New Features

    • Language tags to change all text in the program to any language (see :
    • Can now rotate banners by keyword or category user is searching. Also place banners on generated HTML files by category


    • Script is configured for unix web servers
    • Perl 5.0+
    • mSQL 2.0+ or mySQL 3.0+ database engine (supported by most hosting companies)
    • or (Perl modules) installed
    • LWP Perl module (optional for link verification)


    • You can do almost anything using your private, password protected Admin page.
    • Click Here for snapshots and a list of Administration features.



    The SQL URL search engine (version 2.0) is reduced to $499 which includes installation to your server and e-mail/online support. Discounts available for group purchases. We accept Visa/MC/Amex or you may pay by check. The script has been divided into two modules (Main engine and variables) this makes it easy to upgrade to newer versions by just replacing the main engine.
    This script may not be copied or re-distributed in any way.

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