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URL Search Engine

Description Feel like starting your own little yahoo ? Well, this is basically what this script does. It searches a Text database file for one or more keywords input by the user and displays all the URLs that match the Search Query. This can also be changed to search any type of text database file.
How it Works There are three main files needed for the script to run properly.
  1. urlsrch.cgi : This is the cgi script the does both searching and adding of new records so be sure to chmod it to 755 (executable).
  2. urls.txt : This is where all the data is stored and where new records are added so chmod it to 666 which gives write permissions to the file.
  3. urlsrch.html : This is the html file that functions for both searching and adding records so be sure not to change any of the FORM values in it.
urls.txt file
Page Title | What My Page is about | Keyword1 | my email |
Rent-A-Car | car rental reservations | rentals | e-mail |
Format : Title | Description | Keywords | e-mail | URL

Each line makes up one record and each record is made up of fields separated by a pipe "|" character.


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