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Web Based Message Board 4.0


How it works Some features about the new version
  • Data file for stored messages has been changed so each posting is on one line.
  • The Admin tools have now been combined with the Message Listings screen. This makes it much easier to delete an unwanted posting or postings by selecting them with the mouse, enter the password, then click "delete"
  • Allows you to send the script a "gobackurl" so you can configure where the exit button will take the user.
  • Easily configure the Title displayed when the board is called.
  • Contains a "bad words" filter which will delete any banned word when a user is posting.
  • You can also change global Header, Footer HTML by changing the print_header and print_footer routines at the end of the script

You need to change in the script :
  • $formaction : Full URL to where the CGI script is located
  • $basedir : Full physical path to where data files will be stored example : (/users/home/joe/board/)
    If left blank ($basedir = "";) then files will be stored in the same directory as the script.
html code
You may call the script either via an A HREF tag or a FORM statement The Sample will show you how to access the script.

Click To DEMO !

Main CGI Script board4.cgi
All the images
one .zip file

Quick Index of icons used
left1.gif Go to the Previous Message
right1.gif Go to the Next Message
post1.gif Submit a new Posting
post2.gif Reply to the current Post
post3.gif List all Messages By Date,Time,Title,Author
post4.gif Save your new posting
key.gif Board editing tools
exit.gif Leave the Message Board

You will need to place these .gif files in the same directory as the cgi script
  • Note that cgi-bin directories don't allow you to place any .gif files in them, so you'll need to place the images elsewhere then modify the lines in the perl script which specify the location of the buttons.